Mobility Bridge Capital, LLC ("Mobility") was founded in early 2008 to provide small and medium sized companies with short term liquidity in the form of senior secured bridge loans. Mobility is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Europlay Capital Advisors, LLC ("ECA"), a boutique merchant banking operation based in Sherman Oaks, Ca. and is a licensed lender by the California Department of Corporations.

We believe that the current "credit crunch" has put many companies in a position where they may not be able to access capital through traditional banks and finance companies, as these entities have dramatically tightened their lending standards. Moreover, these finance companies tend to finance those companies with strong balance sheets and/or operating performance; however in the current economic climate, a great number of small companies may be experiencing operational distress and/or an underfunded balance sheet.

We believe this sector of the market is under-served, especially for technology companies.